MPR Series Monitoring Solutions

Our MPR series monitoring panels provide a simple low cost method to monitor leak detection, HVAC, generators, UPSs, PDUs, temp sensors, security alarms, virtually any input from a normally open contact can be monitored. The MPR Series is a perfect choice for small data centers or facilities needing central monitoring on a smaller scale. Using the MPR-XL panels up to 20 inputs can be monitored at a single location. An audible alarm will alert operators that an alarm is present. Using an ADi smart offsite notification system automatically sends the alarm information to personnel with text messages or emails. The ADi can even connect to network monitoring with SNMP traps and MODBUS interfaces to integrate with other systems.

MPR Plus Cut Sheet * MPR1 Cut Sheet * ADi Cut Sheet

MPR 10/20 Plus
Monitoring Panel

The DiT, Inc. MPR-XL is designed to provide simple point monitoring at a low cost. The
MPR XL offers up to 20 N.O. alarm contacts, ideal for point water detection and other dry
contact alarms. The MPR-XL features a painted steel enclosure and bright LEDs to display the alarm event. The builtin audible alarm can be silenced using the Alarm Silence switch on the panel door.

The MPR-XL is the perfect solution for simple monitoring requirements with solid reliability. The
MPR-XL can be used as a leak detection monitor or using optional sensors the MPR-XL can integrate many critical monitoring needs.

Water Leak Detection
AC Current
DC Current
Door Switches
HVAC Units
UPS Alarm
Generator Alarms


Single Point Monitor Panel

The DiT, Inc. MPR-1 is designed to provide simple point monitoring at a low cost. The MPR 1 allows monitoring of a single normally open, dry alarm contact. Power On and Alarm leds indicate alarm condition. An Alarm Silence switch can be depressed to silence the audible alarm.
The MPR1 is the prefect choice for customers needing a simple-to-install and easy-to-operate site monitoring solution for leak detectors, temperature and humidity sensors or remote status monitors for AC units, UPS and Power systems. More..

Smart OffSite Alarm Notification

The ADi smart offsite notification system can easily alert personel on their cell phones or emails, anywhere. The ADi allows six alarms to be sent to up to six different locations. Using ADi with the MPR-10XL or MPR1 panels can offer a complete solution ot monitoring onsite and off. When an alarm is present the ADi preforms its programmed notifications via an internet connection. When the alarm is reset or clears you will be alerted also. More..