Darwell has been designing and manufacturing specialized monitoring solutions, control systems and sensors for data processing facilities for over 25 years. Our experience in this critical industry has allowed us to offer products that are reliable, cost effective and maintain a long list of repeat customers. Our products are designed to work from the start and last without a high cost burden. Let us help you in your facility and you will be happy to join our list of satified customers.

TripMaster EPO
Control Systems

DiT offers a simple answer to complex Emergency Power Off requirements. Our TripMaster Series is the industry leader in quick, full featured EPO controls that are standardized and not built on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the parking lot. Our solution has proven reliability and simply that does not fail in an emergency.

TM Series EPO Controls

Water Leak
Detection Sensors

Our line of water detectors are designed to meet any customer needs. From point detectors to zone detection even specilty sensors for critcal applications, we offer a range of products broad enough for any application.

Leak Detection Sensors

Monitoring Systems
and Solutions

DiT offers several options for monitoring your leak detection and offers critical devices in your facility. We can also add ETHERNET based emailing for remote alarm notification to any of our monitoring panels for immediate response of events.

Monitor Solutions