TripMaster XL EPO Control Center

The TripMasterXL is designed to provide a simple "Off the Shelf" solution for emergency power off (EPO) control requirements. The TripMaster simplifies designing EPO control systems by providing individual relay outputs for up to 20 different systems in the data center. The standard design of the TripMasterXL eliminates the problems found when using custom designed and site built EPO control systems. Up to 20 systems can be controlled with the TripMaster's Form "C" non-powered relays.

When a remote EPO switch is activated, a latching relay senses the signal and locks all the output relays in the EPO position. Once in an emergency position, the TripMaster will require a manual reset to return to normal operation.

Battery Backup
Each TripMasterXL is supplied with a DC voltage power supply that provides an input for standard 12VDC batteries. The TripMaster also provides charging for the batteries. The TripMasterXL does not come with a battery back-up but a battery (TM-BTY) is available as an option.

EPO Inhibit Key Switch - Using the keylock switch the TMXL can be placed in the Inhibit or Safe mode. Allowing field wiring, testing or maintenace to be performed wihtout risking an accidental shutdown of the Data Center equipment. An led will light to indicate Inhibit Mode.

- Once an EPO event is lathed the EPO ON led will light. To reset the TMXL to normal preset the EPO RESET button.
Optional Time Delay - The TripMasterXL can be equipped with an optional adjustable time delay in the EPO latching circuit. The Time delay (TM-TD) will prevent accidental shunt tripping by delaying the shutdown. This will prevent accidental shut down due to human error when depressing control buttons next to entrance doors. The (TM-TD) is available as an option.



The TMXL Control Board main control board
The control board controls the features and function of the TMXL. All power connections, EPO inputs,EPO Outputs, time delay, battery ,leds and switches connect to this board. Deplugable terminal blocks make it easier to field wire. Each output relay contact is isolated so multiple control voltages can be mix matched without special field wiring to prevent damage to system control circuits. The EPO inputs are normally open non-powered points that close to start an EPO shutdown from remote EPO stations or fire panels.

Optional Internet AD Remote Dialer
The optional (TM-AD) allows the TM-MOD to remotely announce alarms using the Internet to email, cell phones, SMTP or MODBUS.  This option requires an Ethernet connection to the Internet provided by others.  The alarm inputs to the TM-AD are factory pre-wired.  Six total alarm types can be sent to remote cell phones or tablets as text messages. Emails can be sent to remote PCs or direct connection to other facility monitoring or control systems using SNTP or MODBus. TM-AD is field programmed via web browser and the TM-AD stores historical data logging of alarm events. 

The TM-AD optional can be added at the factory on order or as a separate panel to existing field systems.

TripMaster EPO Options
To help complete a total emergency power off control solution we offer a wide range of Remote EPO switches, beacons, horns and RSP remote status panels. We can provide all your accessory needs.

Number of Outputs
Relay Rating (Continuous)
Relay Contact Type
Form C
MOV Protected Relay Contacts
Number of EPO Inputs
Independent EPO Inputs (Output Selectable)
Display Typye
Button Type
EPO Key Lock Safe/Inhibit Mode
Alarm Output Relays (Dry Contacts)
Optional, Inhibit Mode, EPO On.
Battery Backup
EPO Input Time Delay 0-30sec.
1 - Optional
Power Requirement
24VAC (Trans Incld)
EtherNet AutoDialer One
AD One Notification Types
Text Msg, Email, SNMP, ModBUS.
Rempte EPO Mushroom Switch
Remote Status Panel
PDF Cut Sheet
PDF Manual
PDF Cut Sheet Remote EPO Station
MS Word Guide Specs